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Seven Procurement Logistic Trends You Should Know

By admin

The development of technology can cause disruption and is transforming every day for most of the industries. Comparatively to other functions like marketing and finance, supply chain management is still way behind in terms of disruption and therefore focusing on the key logistic trends is a must. The logistic company in Dubai describes the upcoming trends:

1.    Big Data – In recent times, big data has just become a buzz word but still is important in term of logistics and presents an opportunity as well as a challenge to many industries. What makes big data so unique? VELOCITY in real time, VOLUME requires the right approach and VARIETY in the data, time and context.

2.    3D Printing – 3D printing as been developing since a long time in logistics and finally has been adopted by many industries to as it helps to support the product life cycle. As much as said, 3D printing is not being used as an additional interest taken up by the company by it is increasing all over the globe, including the logistic company in Dubai.

3.    Internet of Things– For most of the industries, the Internet has always been a trend every year. This industrial application is the network of physical objects that contain technology and communicates and interacts with the internal as well as the external environment.

4.    Shift to Cloud – A lot of industries do not realize it now, but cloud computing can actually help your company to redefine the traditional logistics process and help you enhance it without any disruptions. Logistic company in Dubai uses the latest technology and has already adapted to cloud computing.

5.    Gamification – The rate of efficiency and adoption of the future procurement system is going to be from the gaming methodologies. This system will help the companies understand their competitive persona.

6.    Use of AI – Artificial intelligence was introduced by thinking machines that are quite capable of mimicking, learning and replacing human intelligence and soon will become a mainstream technology.

7.    Augmented Reality – Most smart phones deal with augmented reality. Logistic could also be linked to augmented reality and be integrated with all the devices including the phone, laptop, IPad, etc.

  • May 17th, 2017

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