Our understanding, effectiveness and flexibility when it comes to warehousing are the basis for the quality we offer you.

From our logistics center, we put forward to you the latest technology and paramount solutions in terms of storage and handling, from the minute products arrive until they are all set for transportation to the end user, dealer or distributor or your branches.

  • Public Warehousing : A cost effective warehousing solution provided to clients that has flexible space requirement on a short term basis. This solution benefits the clients in terms of splitting the cost of labor hired, handling, etc through the process of consolidating the shipments with other customers in the same facility.


  • Contract Warehousing : A customized warehousing program developed for customers that needs dedicated logistical support on a long-term basis. The advantage of contract warehousing includes specialized labor force, facility, and standard operating procedures specifically designed to proactively support the client’s operation.


  • Cross docking : A highly effective solution to enhance transportation service to customer by reducing additional handling and storage costs. It allows clients to route their volume cargo from one or multiple vendor(s) to VGL center, wherein the cargo is deconsolidated into multiple shipments and delivered directly to the customers. This solution also helps clients intending to transship the cargo to a destination by switching the containers. It is an advantage for clients that do not have space, equipment, man power, etc to handle and execute the shipment.


  • Pick/Pack : A service provided to customers that has multiple stock picks based on their purchase order which needs to be consolidated and repacked for shipping effectively to the end customers. VGL offers variety of flexible order fulfillment options including : Pallet break down, Individual stock picks, Building new cartons or pallets, etc to meet customer requirements.


  • Inventory Control : An effective inventory management system which ensures maximum accuracy in inventory control is designed for prompt service and reliability.


  • Order Fulfillment : VGL provides utmost care & attention to accomplish a given order in the specified time frame. Upon receipt of an order fulfillment request, VGL ensures order is arranged accurately; the shipment is packed based on export packing standard, goods are properly labeled, and its delivered on time.


  • Distribution : VGL has its own fleets for handling distribution operations. Thus giving the customers an upper hand to maintain their cost of delivery low. Understanding the requirements of the client, VGL always plans it delivery routes on more optimum level for faster and cost effective operations.